Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We signed up to receive a CSA basket every other week, and have been working through the contents of our first one over the last week and a half. We get our second one tomorrow, so I wanted to try to use up some of the stuff we still had (potatoes, chard, turnips, Meyer lemons). I was able to make everything with stuff we had in the fridge, no grocery shopping involved, so that's a win in my book.

Tonight's menu:

German Himmel und Erde (mashed potatoes, turnips, and apples) with kielbasa
Sauteed chard with parmesan

Turned out pretty well, actually. I sliced the kielbasa and mixed it in with the potato/turnip/apple mixture. The saltiness balanced out the sweetness really well. The chard got a thumbs-up from Josh, so I proclaim it a success.

: )


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earth Feet, Loam Feet

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. From GRIN (Great Images In NASA).

Sometimes I experience a deep, sudden, terribly urgent and almost panicky desire to be an astronaut. I feel like if I don't walk on another planet before I die, my life might be wasted. On all kinds of other levels, I know that my life won't actually be wasted if I never do this, but it still makes me feel anxious sometimes. Looking at this picture induces that panic. I blame science fiction.