Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uh-oh: A Dessert Tale

So I'm home sick today, and have been for the last two days. Josh was kind enough to make me soup for dinner last night, but tonight I'm home alone.

So I decided to have toast for dinner, 1) because I haven't really been hungry all day but I promised Josh I would eat something, and 2) because I really don't feel like cooking or preparing anything. Toast is doable. Toast is good. Toast is my friend.

So I made one piece of Avocado Toast (the capitalization makes it sound like a real meal, right?), and then the uh-oh happened: I accidentally discovered possibly my new favorite dessert. Not favorite because it beats all else in the taste category, but favorite in the it-takes-less-time-than-choosing-a-movie-on-Netflix category. And it was pretty darn delicious, too. This is a very dangerous combination. Reader, beware:

1. Toast one piece of bread. We use whole wheat in this house.

2. Spread with Trader Joe's Cocoa Almond Spread. It's like Nutella, but with almonds instead of hazelnuts, and it's got a darker chocolate flavor.

--See, most people would stop here (Nutella on toast--been around for ages), but I'm crazy.--

3. YES THERE'S MORE. Top with MARSHMALLOWS. We currently have the little baby marshmallows for hot cocoa consumption, so I just pushed a whole bunch of them into the Spread until it looked sufficiently delicious. Regular marshmallows would probably also be awesome.

4. Toast the toast once more in the toaster oven until the marshmallows reach a wonderful caramel color on top.

5. Consume. Relive rosy memories of family camping trips.

6. If you're me, repeat until your brother starts calling you "thunder thighs" again. 

Nota Bene: We own both a toaster and a toaster oven. I am partial to the toaster and its abilities to lightly toast both sides of the bread and leave the middle slightly soft, but deliciously warm. Josh likes the toaster oven because it allows you to put stuff on top of your toast while it's being toasted (..."isn't this what the oven is for?" I ask...). So we ended up with both because people were nice enough to give us both for our wedding and because we're that serious about toast. For today's toast, I used the toaster to toast the bread in the first place and then the toaster oven to melt the marshmallows.



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