Friday, November 30, 2012


Ta da!

This one was a lot harder than last year's. Part of that is because I got hit pretty badly with a respiratory infection that left me flat on my back for about five days in the second week, so I didn't get much done then. Despite a strong start, I was behind for most of the month:

Parts of this one were just really hard to write, too. Some days it was hard to even get a thousand words out, and, oddly enough, that had nothing to do with the content. I actually like this story better than last year's. I think it was just more complicated, and there were times when I was trying to feel it out and didn't quite know where it was headed yet.

 But here we are! 50,000 words. Unfortunately, my novel is really only about three quarters of the way finished. It's all plotted now, the path is clear, but unless I want to be really mean and end it with a cliffhanger, there's still a decent amount left to write. It's a good thing that December is unofficially National Finish Your Novel Month.

I'm going to go order my winner's shirt now and donate. The Office of Letters and Light is a wonderful group of people who keep NaNo and its sister programs running each year. I want to send them brownies and sunshine, but for now I'll send them my money so that they can keep being awesome.

Victory dance!

Goodnight, everyone! I'm going to go read all those books I've been missing out on!


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