Saturday, August 9, 2014

Things I Love about the Things I Love

Part One: Knitting, Top Five

1. All the amazing things you can make, just for the pure joy of making them.

2. That the basic skills are easy to learn, and that after that, you can learn the more difficult skills with little trouble.

3. It can be an incredible aesthetic experience, not just for your eyes, but for your fingers as well.

4. That seven different people can knit the same sweater in seven different colors according to their own tastes, and they can all be beautiful.

5. The way it always feels miraculous when you look down at the finished product and think "this used to just be string."

(I also love that you can take a break from it for however long you want and come back and be able to pick it right back up again. Knitting holds no grudges.)


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