Monday, January 3, 2011

Bean Week

It's not really as bad as Bean Day, but it felt a little like it at first.

Josh and I are trying something this week. In an attempt to be a little extra frugal (Christmas is expensive, you know?), we're trying to get by this week on whatever we currently have in our fridge/freezer/pantry. We want to see if we can refrain from spending any money on groceries this week and use up some of the stuff we've had around for a while. The exception will be Wednesday, which is now "Hole-in-the-wall Wednesday"--part of a New Year's resolution to try more new things. There are so many tiny little restaurants in our area that we've never tried, so we'll be heading out each Wednesday to explore them, to ask what's good on the menu, take them at their word, and try new things. We'll be keeping a food journal so we remember which ones are hits and which are misses.

But back to Bean Week. We opened the pantry tonight thinking we'd probably end up eating brown rice and beans, but we actually didn't. We put our heads together and got creative. We still had some produce from last week (tomatoes, sweet peppers, bell peppers, onions, lemons and limes), so we decided to make breakfast burritos with tortillas, eggs, frozen tater-tots, salsa (freshly made by Josh), pepper jack cheese, and sauteed peppers and onions. It was super delicious. I'm sure things will become a bit more...inventive as the week goes on, but I'm hopeful. It must be all those cooking shows we've been watching. Did you know there are 135 episodes of Take Home Chef on Netflix instant watch right now? Hooray for Bean Week!



betsy said...

Hey Anna - you can always come and "shop" in our garage stash! MomB

Gilleeflower said...

I myself discovered in these past few months that the nights I wing it are definitely my favorite. I love the feeling of being able to make a meal for less than 10 dollars or whatever AND not have to go to the store to do it. :)

A.E.B. said...

Thanks, Mom! We might if we get desperate. For now, the thrill of the challenge still excites us, but perhaps come REAL Bean Day, we might take you up on it.

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