Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hole-in-the-wall Wednesday, Installment 1

Guess what I found!!!

Not the camera cord, actually, but a memory card reader! Yay pictures!


HitwW began this week. We went to El Pescador, and it was delicious. I had the Molcajete, and Josh had the Fajitas, and boy were they good. Both required Josh and I to eat shrimp (something we never order), and we both actually liked it, even if they do look like bugs. Win.

Bean week is going well. Tuesday was french bread with sliced tomato and mozzarella cheese. Today Josh brought home leftover pizza from his parents' fridge, and I made chocolate chip cookies. I'm thinking we may have to get a little extra creative tomorrow.

Look! Here's our Christmas tree this year! We're about to take it down now since Epiphany is over and it's getting crispy, but it was lovely while it lasted.

I love Christmas...trees...

And no, we didn't have a tree topper. I couldn't find one I liked this year. Last year we just tied bow on top. This year we got lazy. But we got these guys:

Raccoon and Fox.

More posts to come when I've finished downloading and sorting through SEVERAL HUNDRED PHOTOS from my memory card...


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Gilleeflower said...

I LOVE your raccoon and fox so very very much!!

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