Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Secret Secrets

...Not so secret anymore!

So. It's time for this again, starting on Friday:

I decided this year to begin a concerted effort toward building an author platform, and that meant separating out some of the things that I tend to post about here (random thoughts, teaching stuff, family vacations, cats, general housewifery, etc.) from the stuff that writing peoples (agents, publishers, and other interested parties) would find interesting and relevant. Hence, another blog was born. And also this other one (because social media). The secret is that I've been posting on the new blogs for the last month, and I haven't told you guys anything about it. Sorry!

So now I am telling you. Follow them only if hearing about stuff I'm writing or book-related stuff I'm thinking about is interesting to you. I plan to continue using this blog for all the other stuff I like to write about. :)

So here's the run-down:

Barbers Zu Hause  (the one you're reading) is for general Barber Life updates. (I'll keep the NaNoWriMo word count widget up in the sidebar in case anyone wants to check in periodically this month.)

Anna Writes is for NaNoWriMo related posts, links to articles about writing/authors/books, general thoughts about writing, and hopefully, updates on my writing (my querying process, running tally of rejection letters, news of contract offers, etc.).

My Tumblr is also for writing/book related stuff but also for sharing all the pretty, shiny things I find on the internet. I have also posted some original content there that I haven't posted on either of my Blogger pages. I'm new to Tumblr, but I am finding that it is filling the hole in my life left by the demise of Google Reader and its sharing functions (reblogging on Tumblr is so easy!). There's so many pretty, shiny things on Tumblr! Go look!

So that's it! Have fun! Best Wishes!


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