Sunday, October 20, 2013

Summer, Part Two

Here's part two of the summer recap! Check it out after the jump!

Josh and I got to go with my parents and my sister up to Oregon for a week. After driving up the coast, we spent the first two days in the tiny coastal town of Ferndale, CA. It's this weird little Victorian dairy town that's been pretty well preserved. But it has a really incredible cemetery.


Totally worth exploring.

Which we did.

Extensively. The top of the cemetery hill, by the way, is the tsunami emergency evacuation point.

Look! Look at the moss! Graveyard moss!!! (There were daisies and buttercups on many of the graves, but they didn't photograph well.)

Freemason Mausoleum.

According to the locals, because of its proximity to the ocean, it's almost always 60 degrees and foggy in Ferndale. This is my kind of weather.

We spent one afternoon at the beach. It was grey and moody and wonderful.

And then we were on the road again, on our way up to North Bend.

Stay tuned for part three!


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