Friday, October 11, 2013

Summer, Part One

I do realize that it is fall already (my favorite season), but I never got around to posting about our summer adventures this year. So here's the first installment, in which we go camping with Josh's family near King's Canyon and celebrate our fourth anniversary! Pictures and a full account after the jump.

I'd never been to King's Canyon before, but it is gorgeous! We had a really nice time.

The campground was nice, but my favorite part was driving down into the canyon.

You keep turning corners down this very windy road that descends into the canyon...

And it's gorgeous and dramatic the whole way down...

And when you reach the bottom, there's this beautiful river.

We spent a couple of hours playing in it.

We also spent a little bit of time at Hume Lake, which was just down the road from where we stayed.

Josh and I spent our anniversary exploring.

We took a tour of Boyden Cave and took Francis (my poor little Civic) to go see the Chicago Stump.

It turned into quite the exciting (read: terrifying) adventure. It involved narrow dirt roads and a very wise decision to turn back while we still could. We refer to it now as the Chicago Stump Ordeal. After that, we visited General Grant and company for good measure.

We had a great time!

In the next installment, Anna's family goes to Oregon!


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